miercuri, 12 octombrie 2016

Mega concertul Aerosmith 18 iunie 2010 Bucuresti

Aerosmith este una dintre sufletele mele de suflet pe care la ascult cu placere inca din generala. Vocea rugoasa a lui Steve Tyler m-a vrajit si m-a dus pe aripile vantului de nenumarate ori. Am dansat pe "Crazy" si pe "Girls of summer" de cate ori am avut ocazia sa o ascult, am plans pe "I don't wanna miss a thing", am sarit pe "Love in an elevator", am strigat din toti plamanii pe "Pink", "Walk this way" si "Dude it looks like a lady". Sunt ferm convinsa ca "Jaded" este una dintre melodiile vietii mele si imi place sa cred ca "I'm livin' on the edge".

"Dream on" mi-a insotit fiecare examen impreuna cu "Livin' on a prayer" de la Bon Jovi.
Ce mai, mi-am trait implinirile, esecurile, iubirile, despartirile, calatoriile spre centrul pamantului mereu insotita de Aerosmith.
Asa ca nu am putut rata ocazia de a-i vedea in concert la Bucuresti. Am avut sansa de a gasi un loc fix in fata scenei si de a ma bucura de o adevarata desfasurare de forte à la Aerosmith.

Asa o energie zdrobitoare, asa un glamour si miscari de scena putine banduri am. Si line up-ul a fost perfect. Ce conta ca era inainte de examene? Eu m-am dus. Si m-am si intors cu o margareta in par si cu un zambet larg cat casa poporului. Este unul dintre concertele care imi vor ramane pe veci in inima pentru ca este un grup care te castiga, pe care il admiri pentru creativitatea si constanta in ciuda lungii lor cariere (si a trecutului incarcat de addictii-la alcool,medicamente si alte droguri- impartit inconstant cu chitaristul Joe Perry), pentru rezolvarea conflictelor in intern si pentru nebunia lor vestimentara. Steven Tyler face parte din grupul Aerosmith de 46 ani si este supranumit "The demon of screamin'" si "The toxic twins" (alaturi de Joe Perry) este atat de usor sa vibrezi pe "Dream on" si "Jaded" si nu vad cum ai putea ramande indiferent la "Cryin" sau la "Janie's got a gun". Cum sa nu fii trist la sfarsitul unei relatii pe "I don't wanna miss a thing" sau pe "Hole in my soul". Eu am fost impacata pe "Nobodys fault" si vrajita pe "Rag doll".

It's a feeling. I love them!

" Dream on, dream on, dream until your dreams come true!"

marți, 11 octombrie 2016

Rough on the edges

I'm not an easy like Sunday morning person. I'm rough on the edges.
I don't want excuses, I want results. Mediocrity isn't accepted. 

Being compassionate with everyone is a must. You discriminate because of a religion, a skin color, a belief, a not so clean record, of clothes, of looks you get the fuck out of my unit. And, yes, I'm tough! If not I couldn't resist until now. I know what I want and I'm gonna get it. I'm going to dance my way trough life. 

Since I was a child some people doubted me : I'm to short, I'm to shy, I don't speak loud, I mumble if I'm scared, I don't come from an intellectual enough family (after whom standards?), I should lose some weight, I should stop wearing my baggy jeans, out with my nose piercing!, no red lipstick it will make visible my "stache" (seriously, from my high school class responsible who was a very very unprepared biology teacher and a bag full of communists ideology and speeches told me this). 
I've said "fuck you all" and left. 

I've done my thing as my "not smart/noble enough parents" thought me. I've been honest, fair, I've worked my ass of and I was strict as fuck! Of course this gets you into problems in an era where "political fairness" reins. But you know what? What counts is the life of your patient. You're continuously distracted, you're continuously tired, we ask constantly to much from you, you feel like you can't do it anymore? Then quit, probably you're not made for this job.

I'm so sick and tired to seeing doctors who don't care about their patients. It makes me sad and it helps me realize how lucky I was to stumble upon doctors who were also great human beings.

'cause for me a good doctor has to listen, feel and don't judge his patient. Then comes the knowledge, as essential as it's for me it's not the essence. 

Vietnam 2015

Montpellier, France, Mai 2016

Montpellier, Mai 2016

Far, Montpellier 2016