duminică, 23 ianuarie 2011

wish list vs to do list

wish list: unicorns I love them,so an Unicorne please :P
not to go with my parents to hospitals
no more anger, sadness, tears, fear
more positive feelings from now on
wish for Him to come here&,this time,stay here with me
a dog, ok 2 dogs...1 labrador si un vagabond
more synaptic connections please, more brain
focus focus focus
more sun and huge windows
new books, not medical one, of course
better improving skills for my social skills

to do list: make people feel better
go to doctors with my parents and Him
go to doctor for myself
administrative stuff
write more letters or, at least, e-mails
buy a flower!

Learn more, read more, sleep less. Although j`adore faire la grasse matinee ...this is not good for my body nor for my brain so I should stop. I will stop, someday.

I`m going home on 18 February. See my parents after 4 months or more.

I wish I could tell more.

I wish I could help myself and help others more.

I wish I was special.

I wish I was in.

Is it me or from a certain age learning becomes more and more difficult? You get to have focus problems and have the impression that your brain is full of synapses that are not working anymore. There like in Bahamas, just chillin` at a cocktail on a beach party and yelling back at you:"No, we don`t want to learn anymore,bitch!!!" Strike strike strike...

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