duminică, 15 ianuarie 2012

orange winter day

and I miss you.

and I try to chase the devil for as long as I can.

it`s hard in my head when everyday is a fight.

it`s hard on my wings when I am alone.

although I know that I`m never alone.

and that you`ll be there `till the day I die.

it`s not nice and not powerful to make people cry.

just lame.

will you drown in this love `till the day that you`ll die?

buline albe pe fond gri.

bonjour, ca va?

oui, ca va bien et vous meme?

suge-o, suge-o, suge-o, suge-o...

îmi e dor de mine fără griji

să zbor, să zburd, să visez, să gândesc cu a million ideas/minute

that was my regular speed!

let`s go drinking and dancing the night away

but no

work, work, work, sleep and work some more

now and then I think of when I was in Cluj

and when I was so happy that I could have died

and I wouldn`t have care.


dar umbra va zbura

vălul se va ridica

vocea va râde din nou

iar ochii care râd mereu nu vor mai fii umbriți de nici un nor

jamais plus!

everybody has NOT equal chances

to stay a cote de moi

and to walk/ run/ laugh/ cry side by side with me

or walk away alone!

you have to be THE ONE

to be able o do that

HE can

becaus he is Omu`

just keep this words in your head :

ghinionul nu există,

norocul și-l face omul cu mâna lui

cu credința lui

cu capul lui

cu inima

și cu zâmbetul!

nothing is set in stone!

cele rele să se spele,

cele bune să se-adune!

să trăim!

la anu și la mulți ani!

vreau să călătoresc, din nou!

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