sâmbătă, 5 mai 2012

de cand ai plecat...

de cand ai plecat si nu te-ai mai intors stau pe loc.
alerg mereu dar nu ajung niciunde.
I know the devil's tears,
because I am one of them.

look at her : she's just perfect :
brave, smart, beautiful, a rock 'n' roll chick, big heart, big breasts, warming smile, funny, polite...
but when the lights turn off...
and nobody sees her
she turns into a little girl with big hopes and high dreams
but mostly big fears
because when anyone waits the best from you
it's so easy to screw things up.

de cand ai plecat ploua mereu
muncesc pana la epuizare, ca sa uit
apoi vin acasa
fac conversatie de salon
mananc o supa la plic
si ma pun sa dorm; rugandu-ma in gand
day by day, night by night, to be by myside

words don't come easy to me
desi vorbesc mereu
what she could want more?
true love, true love, true love
eternal love
care te face sa uiti de tot
te coloreaza, iti da aripi, iti da un caine, iti da un suflet cald si doua maini care te prind mereu

so if yours isn't true anymore, please leave

my heart is already aching

vino la mine, vino la mine, vino la mine
sa fie totul ca la inceput

nu mai vreau raceala, distanta, vorbe in 3 peri
stiu ca te-am facut sa razi
stiu ca te-am facut fericit
si ca te pot face in continuare
so take me as I am
cu bune si cu rele
un simplu om
dar un om care te poate face fericit
if your heart is open.

roses are blooming in the city
dogs are barking
blacks are singing
and I...I...I...just want you!

so please come back from wherever your heart is
because I am still here,
like the first day,
nothing changed beside you.

so let's not fuck around!

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