joi, 12 septembrie 2013


Este cea mai urata parte din proces. Asteptarea. You are just lingering between life and death, between sorrow and joy, between black and white. And what do you do while life is passing you by?

Drink a good coffee and eat à maccaron or à chataigne.

that seems to be a good option and then work you ass off to DO THINGS DONE!

 and meanwhile you realize that spring moved on...this was in Mai, on my street...

and then you realize that summer moved on also....

and that autumn is here. and all that's left is some sand in your shoes, the thought of freedom, the coffee and the ...lust for life!

So come with me baby, have a cigar!

retro light are on and sometimes, just sometimes, old friends can turn into something else, something borrowed, something new, every me and every you. Right, Placebo?

leather jacket, black t-shirt, cut jeans...autumn is here and so are the old habits who die hard, hard, hard...

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