miercuri, 16 octombrie 2013

poezie de suflet...

de la Iv cel naiv :

"sînt zile și zile

doamne, sînt zile pe care ochii mai bine nu le-ar vedea
sînt zile pe care nu le poți da de la tine, ca-ntr-o manea
dar și zile în care fericirea ți se zbate în piept
ca un pește pe uscatul cel nesfârșit și nedrept

sînt acele zile în care toată ziua e noapte
de nu te mai scot la lumină nici zâmbet, nici șoapte
sau cele în care te trezești și luminezi ca un bec
uitat aprins peste zi, auzi tu, ce zevzec

sînt zile așa pline că s-ar putea scrie despre ele
zile întregi, volume întregi, dar sînt și cele
în care singurul lucru cu adevărat important
e că ți-ai luat un nou antiperspirant

sînt zilele alea în care nu se face noapte niciodată
și cele în care bei peste doi litri de apă plată
sînt zilele în care te uiți dimineața la șifonier
pierdut, ca la un colț albastru de cer

azi, de exemplu e ziua în care m-am trezit
cu un chef cât ziua de lungă doar de iubit"

When nothing goes right, go left!

Just because you won't eat the bear you cannot assume that the bear will not eat you. It's childish and stupid.
So, I've been eaten by a bear, because I genuinly believe in people, believe in good.
It's certainly not pleasant. Be eaten by a bear that is!
But it's ok, I've learned my lesson. I've lifted my barriers. And I could also kill them with fire but...what's the meaning of all this bullshit!
Why growing up means tearing each other apart with no consideration for a persons life whatsoever!
It's so easy to judge, to throw the rock, to point your finger at someone. But do you think even for a moment what happens in that persons life? Maybe someone he/she loves died, maybe he's broke, maybe his car is broken, maybe he failed something really important to him or maybe he had a really shitty period. Why do we always judge the here and now? And how can we dare blaming someone for something that we also don'do/do wrong.
They always told me to wake up.
I always hated people full of hate. Now, seriously, how sad and pathetic can you be in order to be so full of hate!
I felt like falling apart all this week, but I put myself together and smiled and tried to act normal.
But beware of the person you kick when she's on the ground because she has nothing left to lose. And sometimes, just sometimes, even the most patient person in the world can turn into a "despicable me".

Because if going up means kill others in the process I am not interested in the crown of thornes dressed in gold that you're offering me with a fake smile on your face. You can shove it in your ass, motherfucker! Because I will make it to the top but in my way. I will respect the others and expect them to do the same. If not, I will avoid them as much as possible. And if I am stuck with them I will just do my job correctly, but not a single fuck will be given that day!

So what you give is what you get it's not that real in "real life"...they told me I was delusional, I almost felt down from my unicorn :)

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