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Calatorie spre centrul Pamantului

I am not Jules Vernes but I still have some stories to tell.
Travelling stories because I love traveling. For me it's a way of life. After 3 years I get itchy feet and I have to move forward. And I have to do at least 1 BIG TRAVEL every year. Unfortunately the last year was poor in traveling events but I will catch up the next year and that's a promise. This year it was Martinica (island). Next year there will be Reunion (island), Portugal and Italy.

But in order to remember my dear stories 'cause "verba volant scripta manent" I have decided to make a part of my blog a travelling one. Like a road journal which I am to lazy to keep properly. So the aquarelle of the first countries I visited will be made of scratches.

I will tell you stories about :
1) Serbia
2) Egypt
3) Taiwan
4) France
5) Bresil
6) Belgium
7) The Netherlands
8) UK
9) Germany
10) Spain
11) Swiss
12) Martinica
13) Italy
14) Croatia
15) Czeck Republic
16) Hungary

And I have to keep on travelling because it's such an amazing experience! Somehow it teaches you what you never learn in school. It makes you aware of your power to change yourself and the world but it also teaches you about how small you are in the universe. And I will stop traveling only when my hearts stop because traveling is time with myself, it's my source of energy and mainly because it makes me like this :

Take me on a spin with the mad hatter @ Europa Park

Let's drink some wine in Strasbourg and sail the seas of concrete!

Party with dear friends in Strasbourg some while ago.

Party in Mulhouse :)

Les arts scéniques at Selestat.

Music is my drug of choice and also people who laugh!

I'm always chasing dragons!

Familia e familie la Piraul Rece.

Vremea trece dar prietenii raman la Cluj :)

Brasov-ul meu drag si mama.

When in Paris Champs Elysées is a must!

And les Tuileries aussi...

My favourite place in Paris...le Pantheon : pendulul lui Foucault!!!

When in Montmartre laugh you heart out!

And dance with Pan in the Jardins de Luxembourg!

Christmas market in Colmar and friend gatering!

When in the Caraibean Sea : dive...

And drink some more until all gets blurry...

But all the good things come to an end!

Try not to dry out...

Make new friends...

And get to know the local culture....

And blend into the local colours...

So where do we go now???

To drink a Cosmopolitan, of course...

And eat some thai food...


And end it with a new adventure!

To start it over on top of the world...

With fire works

And crazy friends!!

Of course, that most of the time life is like this :

But who cares only about that part? :) Traveling is my drug of choice 'cause no one ends in addictology with no reason!

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