luni, 14 februarie 2011

once I was dreaming about tofu!

a corriger...postare nefinalizata
once upon a time in America I was dreaming about tofu.
now I`m in France and I`m dreaming abouth Shanghai.
maybe tomorrow I`ll be in Australia dreaming about living the dream!
the point is that we will always dream about something we don`t have.
maybe even we don`t need.
it`s the pressure of the society.
feel it. and then trough it away.
who are they to impose us limit? to cut our wings?
we are the children of the city. we are young, beutiful and brave. fearless. young. rebels.
we want music, freedom.

we are not afraid to shut up.
we want light and power.
motorcycles and tatoos.
leather jackets.
speed. rock. stars.
we have no limits and have no boundaries.
some roads lead nowhere.

povestea fara sfarsit...before I was myself I was Bastian in a never ending story...zburand pe spatele pufosului caine dragon!

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