luni, 22 octombrie 2012

it's that time of the year...

when you arrive at home in the evening with your hands frozen and your legs shaking 'cause it's cold.
when you cannot remember the last time when you've seen a pinguin or a sane person.
when you ask yourself how would it be if everything will stop now, here, like this. would you be happy or you would try to rewind it and do it the other way around?
when you seek comfort and strenght but you do not find them all the time.
when you drink tones of tea of all the flavours of the world and suddenly the world seem to be a better place.
when you wish being in a more coloured and peaceful place 'cause the grass is always greener on the other side, ain't it?
when you like going to work and listening to robbie wiliams in your headphones or TopMusic in your car.
when you wish so so much that you have a dog who will love you no matter what and will never bitch abount anything!
when you love your job but hate all the amount of time and energy that she's taking from you.
when you would like to go to a walk in the park but you are too tired even for sleeping, and besides that it's cold and it's raining, and you didn't bought yet your new umbrella.
when a friend in need is a friend indeed but a friend with solutions would be better.
when everybody is friendly with everybody even tough they hate them or their guts, it's called society.
when you know that people are not equal, never were and never will be, and never should be.
when you're silence is causing violence, where are you mistaking?
when you swallow your words.
when you make muffins.
when you are the only crazy person who wants to be on call in the emergency room after the finish of the internship period.
when you realize that children are not as bad as they seem..
when you would like some new clothes and boots, another time.
when you realize that it's not your time today!
when you love the light in your room and the smell of cacao.
when you cuddle in the arms of the loved one.
when you hate it so much when people are cursing and bitching and complaining all day long! because you realize that you will end like them if you let them eat you alive.
when you gonna go somewhere where people are simple and kind, where faith and hope are a way.
when your day is too short for all the things you have to do.
when you say hello to a stranger with whom you'll work 2 months, from Monday 'till Friday. who has a huge mahon desk with the map of the world on it, and seems like an acient magician.
when you would write more and more beautiful but somethinh is getting in your way...

I'm just looking
I'm not buying!
I'm just looking
Keeps me smiling!

Imagine luata de pe facebook!

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