luni, 26 august 2013

a view from Barcelonas windows

" Barcelona here we more week...yeyyyyyy!"

Asta se intampla acum vreun an jumate. Cand inca eram cu el.
Eram nerabdatoare, entuziasta, encore un voyage! Allons y les enfants!
Si Barcelona e fantezista, aventuroasa, misterioasa ca o dama in rochii haute couture. Are culori halucinante, parcuri magice si catedrale majestuoase. Am iubit Sagrada Familia : atat de salbatica, de libera, de fara griji, de ... ma doare la basca! Apoi casa Battlo, the bones house it just felt like pure magic. So majestic! I remember walking on that hot roof, imagining battles with dragons and glorious sunrises. Hard rock café, plaja, strazile aglomerate si Rambla. Mimul.
Daca aveti ocazia sa vizitati Barcelona, nu ezitati. Este un oras viu, minunat. It's not my cup of tea but this doesn't make it less wonderful.

Dar Barcelona este si extraordinar de fierbinte, in sensul rau al cuvantului, foarte aglomerata, scumpa si fierbinte.

I left something in Barcelona. A part of me died there. I couldn't grief until now. But now it is gone with the wind. I used to think that you have to earn love, that love has to be earned, that you have to suffer in order to be happy, that you can be humiliated in the name of love, that it's ok to look at yourself as a sinner and to be in pain and feel ashamed about yourself. But there was a voice in my head which was telling me that this is not ok, this isn't love. When you love someone you forgive. The past doesn't matter any more. It's just the present and the future. What in your life made you so miserable that you needed to smash my soul out on the ground? I've never felt more alone while being with someone in my entire life! I felt alone, depressed, I lacked confidence in myself, I lost myself, I chalked my words so you could feel better. I put myself in a box so you could feel better!
Now I am living again, on my own and I am happy or sad but I know that the result is the sum of my actions. And it feels good. Because I know that love is freedom and confidence and joy and celebration and colors!

So , yes, I died a little bit in Barcelona. That's why it's not my first top city.

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