luni, 25 ianuarie 2016

Addictology.2.'till I collapse

My first pregnant women on dope.

Tuesday 9 AM

Alo, Madalina, this is M... (the midwife) you have to go to HTP. There's a pregnant woman with a severe heroine withdrawal syndrome. 5 months. no follow up. Social status:disaster(no home, sex industry)..

Well, I'm in prison this morning so I cannot just leave like this. Then we have the ob-gyn staff. 3 consults and then I'll go.

No, you have to go now.

No, it will wait 'till 6 PM.

Tuesday 9.30 AM

Good morning, Madalina, here's L...(the psychiatrist) there's a woman at HTP. You have to go and see her ASAP.
F... you, I won't do what you tell me! As I've said, I'll be there at 6 PM, AFTER I finish my shift in prison and AFTER my consultations.

Tuesday 10.00 AM

Hello, Madalina, N.....on the line(chief nurse)
I've said 6 PM!!!
OK, could you at least give the ob-gyn some explanations on the phone.
NO, I cannot give directions without seeing the patient. What's wrong with you people!?!!!

Tuesday morning 10.30 AM

Hello Dr R this is the ob-gyn intern. May I ask you some questions??
What's the pb people, I'm working in prison, I have to see patients, how can I do this is everyone keeps calling me non stop??§!§§§
OK, do this and this and this...

Does she at least wants a substitution treatment?
Okay I'll be there as soon as I can.

6 PM
I've met the patient.
I've went to see her every morning and evening before and after work.
12h working days.

After 4 months a healthy, beautiful, bundle of joy was burn.

Mme H respected our "deal" made in that hospital room at 7.00 PM.

I'll trust her and respect her as a patient and a human being. I'll help her find a home and have access to decent health care.
In exchange regular medical check ups, no drugs and no working on the streets. We shook hands and then I knew that we both have no returning.
No one believed in us. We've had to make it! Against all odds and misconceptions.
Because we were outcasts and we knew how much means an open heart and a smile.

She did it! She was shining with her baby in her arms.
And that day I've felt in love with my 3rd job: pregnancy and drugs!

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