miercuri, 11 mai 2011

roots bloody roots

fuck all the politics, back to the primitives...everybody returns at their roots at some point in their life...my roots, bloody roots!

You'd better hope and pray
That you make it safe
Back to your own world
You'd better hope and pray
That you'll wake one day
In your own world
Coz when you sleep at night
They don't hear your cries
In your own world
Only time will tell
If you can break the spell
Back in your own world

Stay with me
Stay with me

Erotic and dreamlike still in its mortal disguise
A passionate ritual in the ruined gardens theatre
The painted angels - Shadowed high above
Once they gathered to worship at the picture of me
Like a whisper where there are no words
Appears the perplexed - The statue of might
In the cradle of the next generation
A spiraling ruin - Lost in the gathering dust

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