miercuri, 12 decembrie 2012


Se pare ca luna asta Soarele se va alinia cu centrul Galaxiei.
Let me ask you something : who cares about that besides scientists or crooks?
Doesn't thinking about how small you are in  this Universe, smaller than a particle of dust, scare the shit out of you?
Niciodata dar niciodata nu mi-a placut sa ma gandesc la Univers. O frica idioata dar tot o frica.
Asa ca eu am preferat sa ma preocup de lucruri pe care le pot vedea si, eventual, controla. Aren't we all small freak controls?
So today to celebrate this inappropiate day I did some sport, some sleep, a lot of reading and watched myth busters all day long 'cause today is my day off! And off it is!

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