duminică, 7 aprilie 2013

despre tine, despre mine, despre oameni in general

...Now, now, chillax, we're all going down someday, at the basement, someone will judge us maybe but what really matters in this passage called life is never ever to have second thoughts and never ever doubt yourself. 

Because if you do, people will put you down.

The majority of the people you'll meet they'll be indifferent towards you, a minority will try to prove you wrong and put you down and a few will try to help you and bring out the good stuff. Just hang on to those people, you're shinning diamonds!...

It's always so difficult to distinguish what you seriously like : do you like your mentor ( his brightness, his shine, his knowledge, his power...) or do you like what he's teaching? 

Do you choose your life or someone's other life? You're living your dream or THE DREAM.

How do you...

" ...M-am plans odata Parintelui Andrei Scrima ca sunt prea obosit, ca sunt tras in toate partile si fac prea multe lucruri, iar asta ma risipeste. Mi-a spus «draga, gandeste-te ca atragi tipul asta de solicitare, prin ceva vicii de comportament, printr-o greseala a miscarii tale publice. Nu e nimeni vinovat. Esti una cu aceste solicitari bezmetice»..."

              Andrei Plesu

How do you live with your choices? How do you accept that your life is only the consequence of your actions?

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