luni, 9 decembrie 2013

Stefan Caltia. Depression.

Despre Stefan Caltia nu stim multe si e pacat pentru ca e brasovean, de-al nostru. Asa ca daca vreti sa aflati o mica parte din viata unui mare artist puteti citi articolul acesta.

About depression we don't speak a lot. We don't really understand it, it's difficult to try to understand what you've never experienced. And then is the popular misbelief that says that only the weak persons are depressed. This is bullshit, depression doesn't mean you're weak. You just have to learn to use better your coping skills. You need to speak about it and sometimes speaking is the most difficult part. You can speak with a loved one, with a professional (and here I include psychiatrists, psychologists, priests, art therapists, nurses and so on). Depression costs people their self-esteem, their family, their friends, their career and their health. It is amazing how a simple fact like exercising or walking 20 minutes every day can keep the depression away. Of course, bindge eating for example it's so much easier than exercising! And I know what I am talking about. It's really hard to break the habit and sometimes you just can't see how you can break it, when even going out of bed, not staying in your pijamas all day long seems impossible. You slip away from life, from people, from light, from yourself.

This is a video made by the world health organisation, trying to explain in simple and powerful images the depression. I think that they did a wonderful job.

I think that depression gives me a headache because I force myself to understand it. Because maybe someday I experienced it and I hated it so much. It is not easy to treat depressive patients but I strive to improve everyday. The most difficult part is to establish a confidence relationship between you and your patient. But if you succeed you're half way there. Step by step, inch by inch, TCC or not you'll make it. Hand in hand.

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