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when in France

First commandment :
- trust I seek and I found in you!

Or 10 basics rules to survive in France (or the beginners guide to France) :
1) try to speak french even if you suck at it. learn the French ABC : Bonjour, s'il vous plaît, merci beaucoup, bon fin de journée/soirée, au revoir!
2) cross the street only when the light is RED
3) tip the waiter and treat it like shit. eye contact battle will always be there before taking your order and you must win it.
4) never ever try to get something done between 12h-14h (lunch break)
5) never ever yell at a person. this will just show them weakness and a huge lack of education (even if you are entitled to yell from the heart of your lungs!)
6) always smile and act polite even if you feel like stabbing someone
7) eat, eat, eat. there is nothing much that french people love and appreciate to do. after all it is a "gourmet" people
8) bring them peace offers like croissants (they're always a good start at a new working place)
9) you will not speak any other language or you will be banned
10) don't use sarcasm. they will never get it!

For further details I recommend reading  :

Stephen Clarke. It's not Platon or Socrate but it gets you closer to the French way of seeing the world.

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