duminică, 6 iulie 2014

le hasard

1. 21 years old, female, south africa, 2nd time in prison break.
    "Dr. I have to ask you something :)!"
    " Yes :) ?"
    "Do you know God?"
    "Well I didn't meet him yet but I heared about him."
    "Do you have a religious belief?"
    "Uhm, I am ortodox but I ... I don't know, I believe in a higher force."
    "But do you go to church?"
    "... not really"
    "I am an evanghelist and I have a gift, I have to tell you something...I have to spread the word."
    "Ok, you can tell me."
    "God have spoken to me, the world will end."
    " :) of course, it's also written in the bible :)"
    "Yes, but it will end soon and I have this gift, I have to spread the word."
    "Aren't you afraid that people will believe you're crazy?! if you say you talk to God?"
    "No, I have a mission."
    "Yes, we all do miss, but you seem to have a difficult task to complete."

She was standing in front of me, beautiful, smart, free, a true believer. I envied her for one moment. It seems difficult to envy someone who's in jail right? But the thing is that she is ... free. :) And, no, I don't think she's crazy.

2.  45 years old male, north africa, 45th time in prison break.
     "Hello Dr. ca va?" ( I always find very funny this question)
     "Yes, ca va and you?"
     "Well, great, I'm going out in 2 months! :)"
     "That's great news!! :) Do you have plans for outside?"
     "Yes, go outside and get a job and then get my family back!"
     "Hm, you know that it won't be easy."
     "Yes, it will, because with your help Dr. I will stop smoking weed, I used to smoke 15 joints/day, now I'm at 3/day but I cannot stop by myself and it ruins my life (starts to cry)."
      "Well I will ask you some question, you will be honest, and we will succeed!"

It turned out that he had a social phobia and a paranoia and that weed was his auto-medication.
I've started a treatment and I'm confident.
Where there's a will there's a way. And he wants to quit, and I'm there to support him.

:) I love my job! So many interesting people every day!

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