sâmbătă, 5 iulie 2014


Luxembourg is warm, happy, beautiful, coloured and chilled. I really, really loved it. People are smiling, are helping and they seem to be very happy.
Luxembourg is a state of mind, it's a statement. A statement that hard work, good manners and smiles can work. 
Luxembourg is peace. Street singers. Art. Cosy restaurants.
Luxembourg is coloured umbrellas and an awesome happy friend. Luxembourg is a smile!
They don't know how to fix a  strawberry Mojito but they sure have some fine chocolate (hot chocolate + brownie @ "Chocolate house" just in front of the Palace = heaven).

It was a perfect mini holidays, laughing 'till the end :)
I mean you loose some and you get some in exchange. The boy I liked ... it just didn't happen but on my way back to Strasbourg I met a lovely 58 years old jewish lady with Parkinson disease. The essential is not this, the essential is that this woman has a gift and despite her disease she has been blessed by life with 2 wonderful kids and lots of travels. One researcher and one midwife. The researcher is living in Japan, he's married with a Japanese lady and they have a 5 years old son. The great great mother of the Lady is alive and kicking it. I'm going to Japan next year with a friend. The husband of the midwife is a cardiologist with whom I work a lot but whom I've never met in flash and bones. The midwife is pregnant and I am invited to the circumcision ceremony of her son. Shalom I say and mazeltov! 

She said that there are no hazardous encounters in life and I believe she's write so Mazeltov!

On the other side they don't really have hippies/alternative people or maybe they were very well hidden...they were kind of stiff.

This is Luxembourgs song and Luxembourgs photos :

I really, really liked their idea with the colored umbrellas. Apparently there is the same in Portugal so I'll go see by myself with my friends. So, next trip : Portugal! Oleeeeeeeee!

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