joi, 24 ianuarie 2013

baby sitter for 16 years old me

ca sa cresc mare si increzatoare in viata, cu radacini adanc ancorate in ocean. pentru ca epavele nu mor niciodata iar furtunile renasc mereu, time after time.

once upon a time in a deep green forest...there was a girl who only had one wish : to fly away.

everything seemed unbearable at the moment : her parents, her love life, the city. she had friends and books and dreams and an education that money couldn't buy! she was a beautiful disaster or at least that's how she wanted to believe she was. at the moment, nobody told her that actually : " you don't get better than this!". everybody told her the opposite. so she always keeps a question in a dusty corner of her mind, no matter how good or bad things are : " dar daca dupa colt, te asteapta mai mult?"

so she grabs every opportunity arrives to travel. and that's a thing that she does extremely well : being a tourist! never has problems, always find friends even in the most unfamiliar places.

and one day she found that after the green, green forests is the sea! and after that the Ocean! and the pyramids, and la tour eiffel, the big ben, taipei 101, hong kong,amsterdam, brussels, copacabana, cristo redentor, cascadele iguazu and many many other wonders! it was like a giant caroussel!

they were so many wonderful moments made by wonderful people and wonderful places. of course, couch surfing helped a lot!

and then she, she, she...I don't know, kind of stopped!
'cause it ain't easy being an adult and earning your life responsibly!
if I might add only one thing I would say : Don't grow up! It's a trap!
on the other side life is different now. not worse, not better, just different. of course travelling again would be wonderful but for the moment I just pressed pause...for effect!

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