duminică, 27 ianuarie 2013

ganduri de duminica 2

" well...I guess I`m trying to confess that I am starting to get...old??!!
All the latest music fads all passed me by and left me cold
All the kids are talking slang I won't pretend to understand
All my friends are getting married, mortgages and pension plans
And it's obvious my angry adolescent days are done
And I'm happy and I'm settled in the person I've become
But that doesn't mean I'm settled up and sitting out the game
Time may change a lot but some things may stay the same

And I won't sit down
And I won't shut up
And most of all I will not grow up
And I won't sit downAnd I won't shut upAnd most of all I yeah I won't grow up
Oh maturity's a wrapped up package deal so it seemsAnd ditching teenage fantasy means ditching all your dreamsAll your friends and peers and family solemnly tell you 
Oh when no ones yet explained to me exactly what's so great
About slaving 50 years away on something that you hate, 
about meekly shuffling down the path of mediocrity
Well if that's your road then take it but it's not the road for me...

you will Have to grow up be an adult 
yeah be bored and unfulfilled"

pentru desfatarea ochiului si a sufletului finala de tenis masculin de la Australian Open intre Muray si Djokovic...go eeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssssssttttttttttttt! and the winner is Djokovic, oh yeah, oh yeah, buiaaaaaaaaaaaaa :)
musaca...am pus prea multa carne cred, da un pic pe afara sosul, fum, agitatie, un deget ars in urma micului incident caznic, I hate cooking, I really, really do! except for deserts which I love.

visez la o vacanta! mi-e dor de Romanica. banuiesc ca asta e paradoxul imigrantului: you can live in Romania but you cannot live without it. anyways, with or without you : 

vertigo, I really, really want to go to a U2 concert!!! is it getting better or do you feel the same? is it easier for you now that you have someone to blame?
another study when you should study yet...so many things to do beside that.
I want to go somewhere far far away, somewhere warm where people are happy and they know to appreciate life. somewhere where living is more important than consuming. where capitalism means nothing and love means everything. where money is nothing and hope rules. where leaders are honest and true to themselves and to the people they are ruling. I wanna go somewhere!
the truth is that...I'm scared like hell when I think that I will finish my internship in 9 months.
I wanna do Doctors without borders, I want it so bad! since like...forever! If I will not get the job in Addictology I will really consider the opportunity to do DWB. 
In the end we are what we leave behind : our work, our children, but mostly the destiny of people that we influence. And I will be old I wanna have a story to tell! Because I think that actually you are either born simple or you are born...me.
Inchei cu imaginea dragului nostru brad de Craciun care si-a naflat obstescul sfarsit vineri la ora 15, la zona de reciclare Koenigshofen, Strasbourg! R.I.P. best Christmas tree ever!

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