marți, 25 martie 2014


I love Berlin because it reminds me of how easy and pleasant life's actually and about how we are complicating it!
Before going to Berlin I was not in a very happy place : work, friends...people...I was feeling kind of confused and lost in translation. I was in such a hurry all the time, I didn't have patience anymore, I wanted answers and I was getting kind of radical which is sort of not me. And the worst part is that I've almost stop dreaming my life away.
So I kind of spontaneously decided to go there. Berlin wasn't even on my wishlist of cities that I wanted to visit. But I had a friend there and I was kind of curious so...there I went.

First of all Berlin is relaxed : smiling people everywhere with a beer in their hand, chatting outside in the sun, with their dogs (with no leash!) just sharing some smiles, exchange some ideas.
Second : every person that I've been in contact with spoke perfect english!

Fear cand hold you prisoner. Hope can set you free.

So I kind of new that even if I get lost (which was often the case :) I will akways find someone to help me.
Big monuments, large avenues, good food and drinks and partyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! It's amazing how on the same street you can have a russian, a thai, an italian and a pakistani restaurant. You get to see a metal bar next to a latino club and it's all cool.

Also everybody is smoking in bars and clubs. Which bothered me at the begining but reminded me of Cluj. So it was cool. I danced and laughed and shared coffee and food with people met randomly on the street. People tried to sell me weed  and I even got mistaken for a prostitute (because I was wearing high heels) which is kind of funny (years for now I will laugh with L. : hey do you remember that time when I came to visit you in Berlin and I was mistaken for a prostitute? Yes, it was funny!). People where simple, dressed in black and not dressed to impress, happy, with lots of tattoes, mohawks, funky, funny, colored, of all types, spanish, italians, turkish...

Someone told me that in Berlin are more architects than cab drivers. 

No one screams, no one runs, no one is rude. At least the people that I've met.
They say that you see what you want to see. That what you see is a reflection of you. I've chosen to see the beautiful in Berlin, the alternative, the good coffee and the smiling people. Peace. Because the rest is not important.

I got scare tissue in Berlin. I got better. It will always be my happiness reminder with his squats, his music, the people. It's true that a friend in need is a friend indeed but a funny sarcastic friend with a big heart, beer and a lovely top flor apartment is better.

I mean it's simple : viata e frumoasa si nimic nu merita regrete. So just do what you feel like doing and don't regret it. Regrets just complicate life and don't solve anything. Don't look back in anger. Live in the moment because you never know if you'll still be there for the next moment. And dream, dream big so you can achieve big things. 

Don't waste your time on people who don't deserve you. People that bring out the best of you are the only valid option.

I am always saying that there is nothing that the road can't heal. I truly believe this. One voyage as often as possible keeps the doctor away...and the sun in your life. We are what we give to other people. I've chosen to give love. So if you give me nothing, nothing is what you get. 

W A L K I N G    A R O U N D in Berlin parks, museums, bars  I found my lost equilibre. And it felt good, natural, it felt like home. Oh, and they also have huge Flea Markets! When Didi left for the rainbow community I didn't get it. It took me a while. But she was happy so it was ok. Now we're all just fine : in africa, europe or australia united we stand! We are bulletproof now :)

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