luni, 3 martie 2014

passion with a stranger

call it love, call it whatever you want if it suits you, take what you need, take everything that this world has to give you and you won't owe anyone a thing 'cause it's said and done...go on now and have fun!

sometimes you just have chemistry.
sometimes you don't feel anything at the beginning and after that it comes slowly.
sometimes you have love but you don't have chemistry.
if you have chemistry and're kind of blessed!

it's been like I've been trapped under the ice. nothing to lose, nothing to gain... no regrets! just memories! as many memories as possible!

When in doubt, drink Champagne! :D

Mederic tonight is the night we'll fight 'till is over! So we'll put our hands up like the ceiling can't hold us! :D

Job! Magic pills!

Stras my love!

The old crib! Pe vremea cand aveam o terasa ce bine eraaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

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