duminică, 2 martie 2014


Moi : "so...what's you age again? you turned like...29?!"
Fulga : "do you want me to kill you now or later on? you know that my biological clock will kill you!"
Moi : "yes, without blinking!"
Fulga : "Why aren't you a guy??!!"
Moi : "Hmmmpfff... I don't know :))"
Fulga : "Anyways you would be too short and not asian!"
Moi : "Yes but you'd love my personality and my guts and other stuff... :D"
Fulga :  "Mmm, yeah... meanwhile let's not talk about my age again..."
Moi :  "Or other weird stuff... :))"
Fulga: "Word!"

Fulga is one of my flatmates!

I would like you to listen to BOY while reading this

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