duminică, 26 iunie 2011

beautiful woman

Women are beautiful in their own ways. And they are not a lot of women who are recognised as being beautiful by both, women and men. I just love the way Natalia Imbruglia looks. She looks so naturally beautiful. I don`t know how much it`s make up and how much it`s natural beauty but I loved her and her music in the `90s. She looks bright, optimistic, natural and full of energy! So there you go, some pieces of her music :) Have a great Sunday!

This one is more than special...(" How've you been, It's just the usual here, And days are feeling like years, And every day's without you")

Natalie Imbruglia:
1. Torn.
2. Beauty on fire.
3. Wrong impression.
4. Shiver.
5. Counting down the days.
6. That day.
7. Smoke.
8. Identify.
9. Only you.
10. Stuck on the moon.

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