luni, 17 februarie 2014

sometimes you can make it on your own

When you're trying your best and you don't succeed : lights will guide you home as Coldplay would say.
When troubles fade like lemon drops way above the cihmney stops that's where you'll find me...come on, find me...
So if you like me let me know as Coldplay would also say.

But it turns out just the same! Hold on what did you say that for? Hold on what do you take me for?

Even if sometimes trouble is your middle name there is a silver lining at the end of the road. The sun will rise and shine even if you're in a dark corner of your mind. And you feel lost and sick and tires...the sun will come out...he must come out! And when the sun comes out it will be on my side!

Patience solves the troubles souls. Patience heals and patience gives you the freedom of choice.

My professional questions seem to come to an end. My personal life is back on her bumpy road, the usual, but at least I am alive also from this point of view. No time to waste.

It's fucking awesome to have friends who supports you in time of troubles but in the el sol.
Today we went out for a walk (me and my 2 flat mates) and it was sunny and it was awesome and I forgot everything for some hours.

So I will leave you with some pictures from sunny Strasbourg in February :

Friend si ghiocei!


No more paparazzies!


Locked in

La petite France

La petite France

La petite France

La petite France

La petite France


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